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Excerpts from "The Dear One Letters"

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Beliefs Create the Rules of Your Life

"Beliefs create the rules of your life, Dear One. If you believe you're a clumsy person, you will trip. If you believe you're forgetful, you won't remember. If you believe all men are jerks, you will most likely end up with one. If you believe you do not deserve, you will not get what you want. If you believe you are stupid, you will act stupid. If you believe you are a loser, you will never win. The ensuing result of your beliefs is that what you believe will always become a self fulfilling prophecy."

Fear Shows You Where More Love Is Needed

"Whenever you are in the grip of fear, Dear One, whether it be big or small, try to remember that you do have the strength to cope with anything because you have everything you need within yourself to do so. When you allow fear to take up too much space in your heart, it means you have stepped out of alignment with who you really are. You are forgetting that your greatest coping mechanism is your soul because it is Me that has carried you through every tumultuous experience you have ever had. The more you can accept the premise that you have many more inner resources than you think, the easier it is to get back on track and the less fear comes to visit. I encourage you, Dear One, not to run away from any fear that makes its way into your life, no matter how small. Instead, I advocate that you run full steam ahead toward all of your fears and face them head on. Avoiding them only keeps a continuing drama repeating itself in your life."

Energy Follows Thought

"You can change anything in your life that you want to change, Dear One. That is how powerful you are. You must, however, change your thoughts in the direction of what you want, because the only thing that keeps you from having what you want is the thought that you can't have it. More positive thoughts will bring you more positive results. Take a look at the negative thoughts you are having and let them be the teacher that reminds you of what you do not want. Then, replace it with a more positive one. Look for a better thought that will bring you a better feeling and then you will be on the path to becoming more of a conscious creator in your life. Take your mind off of automatic pilot and put it on manual mode where you begin to consciously pay more attention to what it is you are thinking so you can steer your plane much more effectively in the direction you want to go in life. There is no better way to spend your time than being choosy about what you think."

Becoming the Divine Observer

"Always remember, Dear One, that I am your Haven. You can come to me when you feel no one understands you, or when you feel fearful, lost, unhappy, or worried. Know, without doubt, that you have the ability to tap into your peace and well being at any time. By remembering, once again, that you are a soul first, and a human second, you allow yourself to experience the excitement that comes from being a Divine Observer, living in a human world. You can then stand on the highest rung of the ladder and experience yourself as both Heaven and Earth, human and Divine, knowing you are a powerful Creator who has been given the opportunity to shape your destiny and create an outstanding life. This is your birthright, Dear One. Love it, and use it."

It Is in the Mundane That the Brownie Points Are Won

"There is not a day that goes by that does not give you the opportunity to grow as a human and evolve as a soul. Listen to what you are thinking and feeling. Notice how you are reacting. When a car cuts you off in traffic or races by you on the highway, do you hope a policeman will come and pull the driver over, or do you wish the driver a safe journey? Which choice do you make: spite or concern? When you spill something on the floor, do you call yourself "stupid," or do you laugh at yourself? Which choice do you make: love or criticism? When you see someone having a hard time getting groceries into their car, do you pass them by or do you volunteer to help? Which do you choose: service or nonchalance? … When life seems to consume you with its hectic pace, do you forget the blessings that surround you, or do you take a moment to say "hello" to the little, yellow butterfly that just drifted past your window? It is the simple things in life, Dear One, that give you the good fortune, moment by moment, to live the spiritual life you want to live."

When You Trust in You, You Trust in the Very Wisdom That Created You

"Trust in yourself like you do your driving. When you are driving and you come to a curve in the road, you don't stop your car because you're not sure the road is still there. You know it's there and you trust that it's going to be there. Do the same in life, Dear One. Trust that your path is still there and that it's going to take you where you want to go. And if the path has to take a detour in order to avoid something, it will, but it's all right because it is your trust in the path that is going to take you where you want to go. Earning your own trust is a most sacred act of love. It is a joy surpassed by none, for when you trust you, you feel safe in the world. Trust that whatever is going on in your life is giving you the opportunity to take you where you need to go for your ultimate path. In every step of your life, know there will be a door opening to answer the needs of the moment. Let your faith acknowledge that you trust the Creative Force and you allow yourself to be led by it. When you can trust on this highest of levels, you are trusting in the very wisdom that created you. This is the epitome of trust. And it is this kind of trust, Dear One, that will lead you toward making this your last lifetime."

"The Dear One Letters" is available on Amazon and the Barnes and Noble websites in both paperback and digital versions for Kindle and Nook. It can also be purchased directly from this web site for $20 using PayPal (includes shipping and handling).

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