Dr. Connie Numbers is a psychotherapist, spiritual teacher and author located in Sunset Beach, NC.

Dr. Connie Numbers, Psy.D, LCSW

Author • Spiritual Teacher • Psychotherapist

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2017 Event Schedule, Information and Registration

Dr. Connie offers events in the Coastal Carolina region as well as retreats and workshops throughout the US. The 2017 event schedule will be updated ASAP. Dr. Connie also offers private sessions in Sunset Beach, NC and on location during her travels.


JUNE 23 – 24
Becoming Fearless: Feeling Safe within Yourself and in Your World

LOCATION: Lance Hall, 150 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC 29401 (diagonally behind the Circular Congregational Church)

Becoming fearless. Does that sound like an insurmountable task or what?  Actually, attending to our fears is the greatest piece of work we can ever undertake in our lifetime. It leads us to our joy, which is the conscious remembrance of who we are as a spiritual being. And it’s do-able. We can become fearless. But it’s important to understand that becoming fearless isn’t about having no fear because we all have fear and will always have fear. It’s a package deal when we come to an Earthly life. So, fearlessness isn’t the absence of fear. It’s the mastery of fear, where you no longer let fear hold you back from anything. It takes great courage to directly face our fears: to face our past, to face our present day circumstances and to face our future worries and concerns. Most people never face them. For those of you who attend this workshop, you are part of the rare ones who are not only willing to grow as a human and evolve as a soul, but are also willing to help change the world.


So, the question is not how do we get rid of fear? The question is: how do we diminish it in our life?  How do we go through life knowing we can cope with anything? What do we have to do to be less worried, less anxious, less stressed out, and less negative?


This workshop is all about running toward our fears rather than running away from them and how to do that. This also means examining our negative feelings since fear resides beneath every negative feeling we have. There is a 3 fold process that I use in my life which will be the basis of this workshop. The first is we have to re-connect with the part of us that has absolutely no fear. Our soul. Second, we have to be willing to see where most of our fear originates. This means we have to re-connect with our past. And third, we have to practice techniques that make us feel safe within ourselves.


For those of you who have attended previous workshops of mine at Sophia, you know that I present experiential workshops where we talk openly and form groups and I give many assignments. This, in itself, is an exercise in becoming more fearless that results in joy, laughter, inspiration, and wisdom. And there has never been a greater time in our life and in our world than the need to release fear now.


I invite you to take the step of becoming fearless. I can guarantee that if you do, your life will change for the better. And I welcome you to a weekend of intimacy, camaraderie, and love.


Friday Night Lecture- 6:30pm-8:30pm

Saturday program- 9:30am-5:00pm

Tuition Cost

Friday Night Lecture- $25 in advance / $35 day of the event

Full Retreat (including Friday night)-  $250.00

Non-refundable 3% fee on all credit card registrations



CEU certificates available upon request

2017 Date has not been determined - details to come soon!




The Body, Mind, Soul Retreat will be held in a gorgeous home overlooking a salt marsh and the Intracoastal Waterway with the ocean only a few blocks away. It is a retreat for up to 10 women who are interested in knowing themselves on a deeper level, both emotionally and spiritually. It starts on a Friday afternoon at 3 pm and ends Sunday at noon. Tuition includes 4 workshops, the room, sheets, towels, soaps, etc. and some free time will be available on Saturday afternoon. We all are looking forward to our reunion and a fun-filled retreat with laughter, wonder, wisdom, and a sharing between like minded souls.

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