Dr. Connie Numbers is a psychotherapist, spiritual teacher and author located in Sunset Beach, NC.

Dr. Connie Numbers, Psy.D, LCSW

Author • Spiritual Teacher • Psychotherapist

Keynotes, Seminars and Lectures

Workshops and Spiritual Retreats

Dr. Connie is a dynamic speaker and teacher who lights up the room with her loving personality, sense of humor, insightful knowledge and a sense of the Divine that she imparts to all of her participants. Throughout the year she conducts various spiritual retreats,  workshops and presentations, inspiring her tribe, guiding them with lessons and exercises designed to instill the knowledge needed for positive transformation and connecting with their own spirituality. Dr. Connie has recently presented in Nassau, Bahamas, Kingston, NY and Asheville, NC and is available for your next conference or seminar. For booking information contact Dr. Connie via email.

Dr. Connie's motivational speaking helps empower individuals and groups with real-world solutions and results that dynamically improve how we treat ourselves, our relationships with others and the groups we interact with.

Dr. Connie covers topics such as:

  • Becoming a Purposeful Creator … The power we have as Vibrational Beings enables us to be
  the creators of our lives.

  • Finding Unconditional LoveHow can we find unconditional love - do we get it from others
  or give it to ourselves?

  • Living Your Truth … A key to knowing yourself is in understanding that truth is a way of life.

  • Feeling in Control of Your Life … Embracing choice and using it to create the life you want.

  • How Life Really Works … How energy follows thought and beliefs create the rules of your life.

  • Finding Love of Self and Others … Marinating in the past & secrets to releasing judgement.

  • Forgiveness … Dancing with ego and how the journey will always trump the arrival.

  • Diminishing Fear … Fear shows us where more love is needed & how to recapture happiness.


The Living Your Soul Retreat: On the Road to Remembering Who You Really Are™

This unique retreat is designed to not only remember who you are and live a more purposeful, joyous experience of life, but also how to sustain that experience and come to a balance between being a magnificent soul as well as a human being living a most extraordinary life.


Some of the areas we’ll explore are:
- Ways of attaining a more profound understanding of who you really are and the secret to manifesting the things you’ve always wanted.

- Gaining greater confidence and clarity by living from your soul and developing an attitude of abundance and fullness.

- Controlling your feelings and elevating them to a place where they no longer control you.

- How to bring in your soul as a partner to the creation of your reality and examine the reasons why this is so important for our happiness.

Self Love: The Art of Showing Up for Yourself™

Feelings of not being good enough, judgments aimed at ourselves and feelings of doubt and unworthiness inhabit all of us at one time or another. These feelings continue to exist within us in the form of a small child who still believes the untruths it has clung to for years. And it is these blatant misunderstandings that cause us to repeat patterns in our every day life that no longer serve us and keep us from remembering how truly worthy and deserving we are.


We’ll explore: How to motivate yourself with compassion and kindness rather than judgment, handle difficult emotions with greater ease, overcome your fears, and understand the part of you that continues to play the old tapes from your past in your everyday present life.

Inner Child Workshop

As we grow spiritually, we begin to remember that we are the Creators of our life. The Law of Attraction tells us that what we think and feel is the foundation from which we create. However, if whatever we want in life is not showing up, it is because there is another part of us that may keep us away from what it is we are wanting. Nine times out of ten, it is the ‘little one’ inside that harbors unresolved feelings because “she” has not been tended to, nurtured, or acknowledged.


This workshop presents exciting, educational, and inspiring ways to rescue, understand, and evolve one of your most powerful allies. In doing so, you not only continue to heal yourself, but you'll also create the opportunity to bring more joy and abundance into your life.

Dr. Connie hosts the "Kickin' it up a Notch in Life, Love and Spirit" radio show broadcast on the Angel Radio Network.
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"Your workshop was incredible and assisted with my growth as a person
and a clinician.  I hope our paths cross
again on this wonderful journey!."

– G.D. retreat participant


“The retreat was a life changing experience for me. I was able to share personal issues with the group and received overwhelming love and support. The activities were relevant, thought provoking and the experience was well worth the price and I am planning to attend again next fall.”

– S.S. retreat attendee


"I would urge anyone who has the courage and is seeking more joy and understanding of themselves to attend Dr. Numbers' workshop on the
'Inner Child'. It's a wonderful opportunity to learn to love yourself more."

– K.T. workshop attendee

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